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Croatian Football - Atletic center Svetice

Service - Preliminary Design

Status - Competition

Appointment - 2014

Location - Zagreb

 Site area - 11600m2

Gross Area - 76426m2

Client - Croatian Football Federation

Author - Gorana Giljanović, Eugen Popović

Company - GEplus arhitekti d.o.o.

Structural Engineer - Kutija projekt

HVAC/WSS Engineer - Bede projekt


This multifunctional complex includes stadium facilities, athletic center, hostel, wellness and conference center.

The architecture of the building is characterized through relation to Maksimir Forest. The building is located away from the streets that surround it and forms an interior green atrium which both allow continuity of the greenery from the Maksimir Forest. The stadium thus becomes an integral part of this continuity while the entire complex gets to be recognized somewhat of a park space related to the mentioned forest. The building is dig into to minimize its large volume and not to disturb the continuity of city's greenery.


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