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Croatia Polyclinic - department for magnet resonance

Service - Preliminary, Main and Detailed Design, Interior Design, Supervision

Status - Completed

Appointment - 2019

Completed - 2019

Location - Miramarska 22, Zagreb, Croatia

Net area - 272m2

Client - Croatia osiguranje

Author - academician Velimir Neidhardt, Eugen Popović

Company - Neidhardt arhitekti, GEplus arhitekti

Project team - Velimir Neidhardt, Gorana Giljanović, Eugen Popović, Marina Šaić

Structural Engineer - Kutija projekt

HVAC - Klimaproing

WSS Engineer - Avoka ing

  Safety at work/Fire protection - Inspekting

Electrical Engineer - Leging projekt

Contractor - Valentić i Valentić

Supervision - PDM savjetovanje

Photocredits - Luka Smuk, GEplus arhitekti


This project was made inside of the building which is one of the symbols of modern architecture in Zagreb and protected with the highest category of importance by the Institute for building and environment protection. Original building is designed by eminent modernist architect Marijan Haberle. This project respects and preserves key elements of the original architecture such as glass facade, interior space geometry and details like staircase and stone cladding. 

Project occupies ground and gallery floors. New content such as open office space, reception and service spaces are gently integrated not to disrupt original space geometry.

Main content which is compiled of magnetic resonance room and associated service rooms is placed in two story space as a separate volume, offset from original irregular gallery edge, which with its irregular shape and specific wood cladding gives added value through new modern identity of space manifested from the inside and outside the building.

This project shows that protection of architectural heritage is most effective only through adding new sustainable purpose in combination with sophisticated architecture transformation to achieve all necessary conditions but at the same time to respect identity of heritage. 


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