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Kingdom of Netherlands Embassy office 

Service - Preliminary, Main and Detailed Design of interior space, Interior Design, Tendering, Supervision

Status - completed

Appointment - 2016

Completed - 2018

Location - Zagreb

Gross area - 310m2

Client - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Kingdom of the Netherlands

Author - Gorana Giljanović, Eugen Popović

Company - GEplus arhitekti

Project team - Gorana Giljanović, Eugen Popović, Lea Kovač, Danijela Orašćanin XU

HVAC/WSS Engineer - Perpetuo projekt

Electrical Engineer - King ICT

Lighting Engineer - Ortoforma

Safety at work/Fire protection Engineer - Inspekting

Photocredits - Robert Leš

Tendering - GEplus arhitekti

Contractor - KPZ Zagreb / CTBA

Supervision - GEplus arhitekti / PMC


Dutch Embassy central office space in Zagreb is characterized by openness and neutrality in accordance with its diplomatic function, but also by recognizable Dutch identity.

Center of the interior is designed as a uniformed wall surface which like a multi functional 'spine' extends through the space. Elegantly designed with unobtrusive wooden lining, it serves as a guide throughout the office. From it, the floor area is stretched out in the form of a carpet that stands out as the main accent of the space. Modular carpet interprets the colors of the Dutch landscape, presenting its elements in shades of blue, brown and green. The color 'game' begins at the wooden 'spine' and disappears to the glass partitions without compromising attractive views to the Cathedral.


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