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HNK Hajduk Football Academy Stadium

Service - Preliminary, Main and Detailed Design, Supervision

Status - 1st phase to be completed

Appointment - 2017/2018

1st phase completion - 2018

Location - Split

Gross area - 668m2

Capacity 1st phase - 5068m2

Capacity 2nd phase - 4591m2

Client - HNK Hajduk Split 

Author - Gorana Giljanović, Eugen Popović

Company - GEplus arhitekti

Project team - Gorana Giljanović, Eugen Popović, Lea Kovač, Danijela Orašćanin XU

Structural Engineer - Statički studio

HVAC/WSS Engineer - Perpetuo projekt

Electrical Engineer - Elektroline 

Safety at work/Fire protection Engineer - Inspekting

Traffic Engineer - Geoprojekt

Deep Foundation Engineer - IGH 

Contractor (1st phase) - Cestar Split

Supervision (1st phase) - Građevinski fakultet Split


The project represents the first major and fully planned design within the Poljud sports complex since its construction in 1979.

The goal of the project is to enrich the existing complex with additional infrastructure facilities for FC Hajduk's functioning of football schools and work with professional players, so that it can meet modern sports standards.

Project implementation is conceived through two phases. Phase 1 represents the construction of two auxiliary football fields (50x30m) with lighting. Phase 2 represents the construction of an auxiliary stadium and reconstruction and partial coverage of existing stands. Reconstructed stands would have capacity of 1005 viewers with 568 covered sitting places. The stadium facility has a new direct underground tunnel exiting to an existing football field.

The stadium fits in within the existing morphology of green cascades. By using a green roof of the stadium building, the architecture is integrated into the context of the surrounding greenery. The visual identity of the building is determined by the recognizable elements of HNK Hajduk, the main colors of the club used on the vertical blinds that are associated to one of the official jerseys. Access to viewers is provided through the roof of the building directly from the main access gate of the Poljud Stadium, integrating the concept of communication across the complex. This makes clear separation of the viewers, on the top, from the officials on the lower level. On the south side of the envelope a separate entrance for guest viewers is planned.

Realization of this project will meet the conditions for holding II. CNL official matches.


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